Addressing pharmaceutical interactions in clinical practice

This guide includes the unintended consequences of pharmaceutical interventions and key pharmaceutical medication interactions and side effects.

Drug-nutrient depletions

Learn how to safely and effectively prescribe nutrients associated to pharmaceutical-induced depletions.

Dietary supplements 101

From nutraceuticals to botanicals to multi-ingredient formulations, there’s no shortage of options for practitioners interested in recommending supplements, and the industry continues to innovate at an incredible pace. With thousands of products available through Fullscript, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

Dietary supplement quality

The term “quality” is tossed around so much that it has almost lost its meaning. And yet, when it comes to purchasing and recommending dietary supplements, there is nothing more important than quality. But what constitutes a high-quality product?

Health system innovation

This guide highlights key considerations for delivering integrative care and outlines innovative tech tools found within the Fullscript platform that empowers and supports clinicians.

Environmental Medicine 101

This branch of medicine uses an integrative, systems based approach to toxic chemicals and their impact on the body, specifically looking at how toxic load can increase the risk of a variety of chronic illnesses, such as cancer, endocrine disorders, metabolic diseases, and neurological conditions

Key Strategies to Enhance Patient Engagement

Over the past decade, prioritizing patient engagement has moved out of the shadows of healthcare and into the forefront. It has become clear that engaging patients as active participants in their treatment plans is critical as it can significantly improve clinical outcomes, enhance the patient experience, encourage treatment adherence and self-management, and reduce overall healthcare costs.