Fullscript Academy

Our continuing education instructors

Dr. Eric Viegas, ND (Non-Clinical)

Dr. Eric is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Ontario, Canada. He received his degree in naturopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in 2015 and completed a credential of readiness from Harvard Business School’s CORe program in 2021. Dr. Viegas is currently the Medical Operations Manager for the Integrative Medical Advisory Team at Fullscript and has previously worked as an educator for some of North America's top dietary supplement brands.

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN

Holly is a nationally recognized and licensed naturopathic doctor, educator, natural products consultant, author, and television and radio host. Her appearances include national media programs and networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Lifetime, and the Discovery Health Channel. Holly is a senior medical advisor at Fullscript and the chair of the Institute for Natural Medicine. At Fullscript she provides strategic direction for the organization and helps create, review, and curate Fullscript’s medical content. As a graduate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, Dr. Holly received the prestigious Daphne Blayden Award for her commitment to naturopathic medicine, academic excellence, compassion, perseverance, a loving sense of humor, and a positive, supportive outlook. She practices at an integrative clinic in Los Angeles, where she focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care following the rigor of science, the power of nature, and the essence of care.

Dr. Christopher Knee, ND

Dr. Christopher Knee is a naturopathic doctor, clinical researcher, and natural health and wellness expert from Ottawa, Canada. As Research and Education Manager for Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team (IMAT), he oversees research curation projects and the development of educational content for practitioners and patients across North America.

Dr. Alan Christianson, ND, FABNE

Dr. Alan Christianson, ND, FABNE is a board-certified Naturopathic Endocrinologist, and the founder of the Endocrine Association of Naturopathic Physicians & the American College of Thyroidology. He is a NY-Times bestselling author whose titles include The Thyroid Reset Diet. He is the chief product formulator behind Thyroid Specific Formulations.

Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic RPh BScPhm NCMP

Dragana is a Clinical Pharmacist with Hamilton Family Health Team. In addition to her collaborative clinical practice, she is a leader in knowledge mobilization for probiotics in Canada and the United States. Translating scientific research in this field, she has been the author of the annual editions of both the Canadian and US versions of the Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products since 2008. Dragana has been recognized internationally, receiving a Scientific Frontiers Award at the Probiota 2015 Conferences in Amsterdam and San Diego. She is a champion of The Guide around the world, has been published in multiple scientific journals, and has presented at the World Congress in Barcelona in 2018 and the International Probiotic Conference in Budapest in 2018.Dragana holds a certification as a Menopause Practitioner with the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and is a Member of the Board of Directors with the Canadian Menopause Society (SIGMA).

Ann Armbrecht

Ann Armbrecht, an anthropologist, is the director of the American Botanical Council’s Sustainable Herbs Program. She is the author of The Business of Botanicals: Exploring the Healing Promise of Plant Medicines in a Global Industry that documents her journey following herbs from seed to shelf. She is also the co-producer of the documentary Numen: The Nature of Plants and the author of the award-winning ethnographic memoir Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home, based on her research in Nepal. Ann was a 2017 Fulbright-Nehru Scholar documenting the supply chain of medicinal plants in India and she lives with her family in central Vermont.

Dr. Jennifer L. Greer, ND, MEd

Dr. Jennifer L. Greer, ND, MEd, is passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals and dreams through developing and maintaining their best level of health. She combines the best of conventional medicine with evidence based natural therapies to provide real solutions unique to you. A licensed naturopathic doctor in California and Oregon, Dr. Greer received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine with highest honors from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona, and completed a CNME certified residency through the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Prior to her medical training, Dr. Greer enjoyed a successful career in college athletics administration, serving at several NCAA Division I universities. During this time she developed a deep appreciation for the unique needs of elite level athletes and became keenly interested in the many ways athletes of all skill levels can benefit from naturopathic care. She has focused much of her specialized training in IV nutritional therapy, regenerative injections, hormone optimization, pediatric care, and natural aesthetics. Dr. Greer enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle, traveling with family and friends, relaxing at the beach, and “Calling those Hogs” with her fellow Arkansas Razorbacks.

Candice Archontakis, RD

Candice might possibly be 3X4’s biggest fan, plus she works for us. Having done the Manuka education course way back in 2016, she liked it so much that she decided to run the education side of 3X4. How’s that for engineering your career! But it doesn’t stop there, Candice used to be a pretty good dietician herself and takes her previous experience of running her own practice, smoeshes (that’s a technical term) it with her education experience and uses this to help our practitioners not only slide through the education courses like butter on a hot pan, but also mentors our 3X4 Network practitioners to become, in a word, awesome!

Dr. Rollin McCraty

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., director of research at the HeartMath Institute, is a professor at Florida Atlantic University. McCraty is a psychophysiologist whose interests include the physiology of emotion. One of his primary areas of focus is the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior, health and the global interconnectivity between people and Earth’s energetic systems. He has been with HeartMath Institute since its founding in 1991 by Doc Childre. He has worked closely with Childre to develop HMI’s research goals and has been instrumental in researching and developing the HeartMath System of tools and technology. McCraty and the members of his research team have worked in joint partnership with research groups at Stanford University, Claremont Graduate University, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Saudi Arabia and the University of Lithuania among many others. He has been interviewed for many feature articles in publications that include Prevention, Natural Health, Men’s Fitness and American Health magazines, and has appeared in television segments for CNN Headline News, ABC World News Tonight, ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, PBS’s Body & Soul and the Discovery Channel. He has been featured in many documentary films, including I Am, The Truth, The Joy of Sox, The Power of the Heart, Solar Revolution, and The Living Matrix among others. McCraty’s critical research on heart rate variability and heart-rhythm coherence has gained international attention in the scientific community and is helping to change long-held perceptions about the heart’s role in health, behavior, performance and quality of life. He is one of the primary creators of the Global Coherence Initiative and the principal designer of the Global Coherence Monitoring System and its international network of magnetic field sensor sites. Related to this, McCraty heads up HMI and GCI researchers investigating the relationship between human and geomagnetic field environments and the interconnectedness of and communication among all living systems. They also investigate how these fields act as central synchronizing signals within the body, carry emotional information and serve as key mediators of energetic interactions between people and living systems. McCraty is a member of the American Autonomic Society, Pavlovian Society, National Association for Psychological Science, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and Society for Scientific Exploration. His studies, research and extensive professional articles have appeared in numerous journals, including the American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Stress Medicine and Biological Psychology. He contributes periodically to the Global Advances in Health and Medicine journal.